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Shatel: Big Ten has a little cleaning up to do before inviting more schools to the party

The media rumors are out again. The Big Ten is going to expand. Before you pack your bags for a future #Huskers game in Seattle, consider that the Big Ten source from 3 weeks ago

Trev Alberts on the radio: Rhule's work pace and connecting skills impress the Husker A.D.

 We're not keeping score yet, but as far as Trev Alberts is concerned, Matt Rhule has been hitting the right notes in his first two... source from 1 month ago

Nebraska AD Trev Alberts taking notice as Matt Rhule and staff continue to grind

Grind recognizes grind. And Trev Alberts is seeing a lot of it from his new football coach: "He’s far surpassed my expectations in terms of work pace." source from 1 month ago

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