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Elon Musk says he will create 'alternative' smartphone if Twitter is kicked out of the Apple App...

Elon Musk bought Twitter about one month ago and has made changes to the platform's content moderation. That could run afoul of Apple's rules. source from 1 week ago

Japanese cubesat sends home pics from the far side of the Moon

Space org hopes second lost lander can be recovered for radiation experiments Japan's Equilibrium Lunar-Earth point 6U Spacecraft (EQUEELEUS), one of 10 CubeSat payloads aboard NASA's Orion spacecr... source from 1 week ago

16 rare, historical photos of Native American life that you've probably never seen

Photographer Edward S. Curtis spent 30 years documenting over 80 Native American tribes in the early 1900s. source from 1 week ago

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