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Quantum Leap Trailer Debuts NBC's Time Travel Revival

Don't call it a reboot: this show is set 30 years after the original. source from www.gamespot.com 4 months ago

Quantum Leap Official Trailer: The Mystery Behind Ben's Leap Begins

With the series premiering on September 19th, here's a look at the official trailer for NBC's Raymond Lee-starring Quantum Leap revival. source from bleedingcool.com 4 months ago

'Quantum Leap' Team on Sequel's Connection to Original Series

EP Martin Gero and cast open up about what fans new and old can expect, plus hopes for Scott Bakula's return as Sam Beckett. source from www.tvinsider.com 4 months ago

Washington Legislature Makes a Quantum Leap on Complete State Highways

A new policy included in Move Ahead Washington could vastly improve bike and pedestrian access and safety on state highways. When the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) repaved t… source from www.theurbanist.org 5 months ago

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