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President Levits to make state visit to Israel

November 28-29 will see Latvian President Egils Levits embarking on a state visit to Israel. source from eng.lsm.lv 2 months ago

Latvian President: Only the West’s Weakness Can Provoke Russia

Egils Levits talks about military aid for Ukraine, a special tribunal for Russian war crimes, and how to respond to nuclear blackmail. source from foreignpolicy.com 2 months ago

President Levits appoints Kariņš as official Prime Minister candidate

The President of Latvia Egils Levits will sign an order to officially entrust the formation of the new government to the current Prime Minister and coalition negotiator Krišjānis Kariņš (New Unity),... source from eng.lsm.lv 2 months ago

"Europe cannot defend itself without America"

Interview with Latvia's President Egils Levits on Europe's response to the Russian war against Ukraine and the threats to democracy. source from www.euwatch.be 2 months ago

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