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Laurel And Hardy statues recovered nearly a year after theft from Romford home

Lesley Haylett said she and her partner Peter Elliott were delighted at the discovery source from 5 months ago

Laurel And Hardy review – a dream of slapstick and sadness

Stephen McNicoll and Barnaby Power make a consummate team as the comedy legends, delivering knockabout hilarity with a melancholy undertow source from 7 months ago

Watch video of comedy giants Laurel And Hardy visiting Tynemouth 90 years ago

In the summer of 1932 during their high-profile tour of the UK, Laurel And Hardy stopped off in Tynemouth where thousands turned out to see them source from 9 months ago

Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson as Laurel And Hardy – cartoon

That’s another fine mess the chancellor and the prime minister have got themselves into source from 9 months ago

Laurel And Hardy celebration in Horsham

Stane Street Sinfonietta welcome composer and TV presenter Neil Brand for a celebration of the great comedy duo Laurel And Hardy in Horsham. source from 1 year ago

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