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Over 250 women to receive honorary degrees at University of Bedfordshire

They studied between 1940 and 1978, when their courses were not acknowledged as degree level studies source from 4 months ago

Bedfordshire Police apologise to grandfather, 81, left injured after officers went to wrong address

The elderly man - named in reports as Malcolm Emery - was arrested after two uniformed officers came to his home in response to reports of a disturbance in Potton, Bedfordshire. source from 4 months ago

Fond farewell to Bedfordshire's first female Lord-Lieutenant Helen Nellis

In the same week that Helen Nellis was appointed the first female Lord-Lieutenant in Bedfordshire in 500 years, she was diagnosed with cancer. source from 4 months ago

Man, 81, with bloody injuries after Bedfordshire Police arrest at wrong address | ITV News

Bedfordshire Police were called to a disturbance but arrived at the wrong address where they found the 81 year old man with a 'wooden object' | ITV News Anglia source from 4 months ago

Grandfather, 81, left 'confused and bruised' by arrest after Bedfordshire Police go to wrong address

Officers say they arrested the man in Potton, Bedfordshire, in the early hours of Friday morning after an "altercation" ensued when they mistakenly went to the wrong house. source from 4 months ago

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