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TV stations showered with $104 million in taxpayer funds

The CRTC reported that the funding was provided in the form of waivers to federal licencing fees and through the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy.  source from tnc.news 7 months ago

Corrections and clarifications | CBC News

As part of a commitment to transparency, CBC News is publicly tracking significant corrections and clarifications to our reports. source from www.cbc.ca 1 year ago

CBC admits NO EVIDENCE of Russian meddling in Canada over freedom convoy concerns

The CBC's assertion that Russia could be playing a role in the freedom convoy was not based in fact, the network said on Thursday. source from thepostmillennial.com 1 year ago

O’Toole vows to defund English CBC if elected

O’Toole said the $600 million dollar media bail out offered by the federal government was due to the direct increase in CBC funding. source from www.westernstandard.news 3 years ago

'Flawed' findings on lockdowns fed province's decision to end mandates | CBC News

The New Brunswick Department of Health's decision to end COVID measures in March 2022 were made from a circulated academic paper criticized to be flawed by researchers source from www.cbc.ca 7 months ago

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